Google Web Fonts は iPhone/Android アプリでもライセンス的に使ってOK

Mon, March 4, 2013 - 1 min read

Google Web Fonts は iPhone/Android アプリでもLICENSE的に使ってOKみたいです。

Google WebFonts - free fonts, mostly open source but some licenses for use in commercial projects!/guide/Custom_Fonts

Can I download the fonts on Google Web Fonts to my own computer?

Yes. To download the fonts, simply add fonts to your collection and click the “Download your Collection” link. You can download the fonts to use them for your mockups, in your documents or to host them on your own server.

Do I need to download the font in order to use the font on my website or blog?

No. The font is available for download in case you need the font in a local program like Adobe Photoshop. To use the font on your website or blog, you can simply copy the HTML snippet available from the “Use” tab for your collection.