[Stripe] Refund のキャンセル/取り消し処理について

Fri, August 30, 2013 - 2 min read

Stripeで、Refund のキャンセル/取り消しをする方法をメモ。

Refunds can't be cancelled. If you'd like to charge your customer for the amount that you have refunded, you can create a new charge for your customer. If the card that you have refunded is expired or cancelled, the customer's new card will be credited with the refund. In the rare case that the customer doesn't have a new card, the bank will usually send the refund to the customer's bank account. In the worst case, the bank won't know what to do, and will send the refund back to us, at which point we'll contact you via email to ask how you would like to handle the refund.

結論から書くと、Refund のキャンセル処理はできないらしい。

代わりに、Stripeの管理画面から「Create Payment」経由で、新たに Payment を作成することができるので、これを使って、Refundした金額を新たに請求すれば良さそうだ。


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